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The United Methodist Church Foundation is recognized as a financial steward building a financial legacy for the making of disciples of Jesus Christ. The mission of the United Methodist Church Foundation is to empower the Church, local to global, by modeling a generosity in trusted partnership with agencies and institutions to endow its mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. With the oversight of its global board of directors, the Foundation manages more than $108 million in long term funds.

... his gifts are being invested in a Christian way.

Oscar Garza shares his time, talent and financial resources with the UMCF. He know his gifts are being invested in a Christian way, and feels secure that it will be utilized according to his wishes.”

If you would like to be in ministry with us for The United Methodist Church and the world, in order to make a difference, please contact our Director of Development, Rhodes Logan at rlogan@umcfoundation.org or (615) 340-7144.

Testimony for the Foundation's eNewsletter.

Email to Rhodes Logan, UMCF Director of Planned Giving regarding Spiritual Giving, the Foundation's eNewsletter:

"Dear Rhodes Logan,

Receive my greetings in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ... My name is Mrs NIJIMBERE Marie Therese,from Africa in the country of Burundi. I have been receiving your messages [eNewsletters] through out the year 2013. I have been blessed so much and inspired by your wonderful and very powerful messages. I remember for sometimes referring to your various good illustrations while ministering to my congregation, the most recent was the oak tree. By this message, I would like to say that I do not have something to contribute towards your ministry in terms of money but sincerely would like to assure you that what I have is only prayers. May the All Might God blessed you richly and continue to show and guide you in the news paths.

Sincerely Mrs NIJIMBERE Marie Therese"

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